Forward's Patent

U.S. Patent No. 4,475,009, “Method and Device for Remotely Controlling Telephone Call Forwarding,” has a priority date of November 18, 1982 and was published October 2, 1984. The patent covers a system for remotely controlling call forwarding for a given telephone line, comprises detecting the receipt of a remotely transmitted identification code to the given telephone line, storing a desired call forwarding telephone number remotely transmitted after the identification code, and seizing the given telephone line and applying a call forwarding initiate code thereto followed by the stored telephone number. The receipt of a remotely initiated signal is detected at the given telephone line and the given line is seized upon a favorable detection and a call forwarding terminate code is applied. The Patent expired in 2001. View a .pdf of the Patent.

The inventor of the patent, Elliot Rais, partnered with General Patent Corporation to form Forward Technologies to expand the uses and applications for his invention, and to ultimately commercialize the invention via licensing of the Patent.